Skyla – Female

Age:: 08 Weeks old

 Status: Available Today!

 Registered:  Yes

Shipping: Available

 Breed: Teacup Chihuahua

Vet Checked: Yes

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Fun Facts About Chihuahuas

What do Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, and Madonna all have in common? They have all been pictured with their Chihuahuas.

You can bet that photos of the breed with celebs have helped to increase the popularity of these little cuties!

And the breed has also been featured in a number of films, sometimes even as the main character. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a classic example.

Despite his tiny size, the Chihuahua is as much a dog as any other breed. These little dogs enjoy doggy activities, and have a long history of being friends with humans.

Although small in size, they have quite a loud bark and are great watch dogs. In this way, they are like many terriers.

And it’s something to consider if your neighbors are not keen on noise!

Chihuahua Appearance

The Chihuahua is a very small and dainty dog. He has a balanced body shape and long arched neck. His eyes are large and round, and typically set fairly close together.

Large, upright ears complete the look. They also add to the dog’s ‘cute as a button’ appeal!

Chihuahuas can come in many colors, combinations, and variations.

Many breed standards do not specify the ideal height of a Chihuahua, but its height can range between 6 to 12 or even to 15 inches.

Both the USA and UK Chihuahua breed clubs put a top weight limit of 6 pounds on the breed. But there is often a difference between a dog bred for show and one which is a companion animal.

Many pet Chihuahuas weigh more, possibly even up to ten pounds. And that is not a bad thing, as long as the dogs in question are not fat.this puppies are also very friendly with Yorkie puppies

Types Of Chihuahua

Breed standards call for an apple-shaped head, with a fairly short muzzle and eyes that are round but which do not protrude from the head. This type is referred to as “apple head.”

There are some Chihuahuas with flatter, less domed heads. These are known as deer head Chihuahuas. Some people prefer the dogs with flatter heads.

These two types are not separate breeds, merely variations within the breed.

The same is true of what are popularly called teacup Chihuahuas. These are very small variants. This can happen when the dogs are bred down purposefully, such as mating runts with runts. Or it may happen as the result of introducing a dwarfism gene.

But there, sadly, a lot of health issues when it comes to very small Chihuahuas.

We do not recommend purchasing a “teacup” variation of any breed, and especially not a breed that already tends to be very small and fragile. Breeders who specialize in teacup Chihuahuas do not generally have the overall health of the dog at heart.

For more information on this, please read our in-depth article on teacup Chihuahuas.

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